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High Elves

They live in a big city with beautifully cultured parcs and buildings, lots of art everywhere. In the middle of the city is the palace where the Queen lives. There are several districts dedicated to certain crafts, each with their own school or university. A large settlement of vampires also lives with them in their own refined district where they host lavish stylish parties for the Elves to relax. The High Elves revere Utpine the Goddess of the Stars. High Elves prefer wearing clothing in light and soft colours.

Wood Elves

They live in small settlements so as not to upset the balance of nature too much. Whenever the settlement starts growing too big a group will split off and start off somewhere else. They have a lot of Druids and Wilders, druids from other races also frequently join in these settlements. The King lives in the largest settlement. The Wood Elves revere Hodite God of the Land.



Orcs are almost as savage as Eldracyn. However, where the savagery of the Eldracyn comes from their Patron God of Chaos, the Orcs are just barbaric and simple in nature and revere Akione God of Battle or Hodite God of the Land. The Orcs have one large settlement where their King lives, but for the rest, they are largely comprised of nomadic settlements. Hagraven can be found to travel with them and there is a loose bond between the two cultures.



These barbarian and druidic humans either live in the small settlements of the Wood Elves and the Orcs. As such they either revere Akione God of Battle like the Orcs or like the Wood Elves they revere Hodite God of the Land.                                                                   


These humans run the gamok of what they do and who they revere. Their settlements can be tiny villages to large cities, and plenty decide to travel around and settle within one of the neighbour countries. They also have good relationships with the Vampires.



Goblins are small green-skinned creatures that follow the Goddess of Chaos, Nacena. They are very mischievous and like to cause mayhem. They have an ongoing feud with the Gnomes because the Gnomes are closest by and their Goddess expects them to create mayhem on a regular basis. Sometimes, however, they like to travel all the way through Gnome territory and venture out into the rest of the world to cause mayhem with the big people. They leave the dwarves alone most of the time because they don’t like the caves.

Goblins typically have a King who orchestrates their attacks on the Gnomes and when they go out to ravage the rest of the world.


Gnomes are small, friendly and hospitable creatures that follow Ruhther the God of Pleasure. He commands them to not be goaded by the mischievous Goblins but to turn the other cheek and try peaceful solutions. As they seek pleasure they also like to wear soft fabrics in pleasing colours. Their race is mainly made up of crafters, merchants and alchemists and gnomes are often found travelling the world bringing their craft to other people.

Gnomes are led by a council of elders, older gnomes who have proven that they possess wisdom.



Dwarves live in caves in the western mountain range. As the caves that they have chosen for their home leeched the magic from them, they have little to no aptitude for it. The rock of the caves, however, is now almost alive with magic and very precious. The dwarves are able to mine it because the rocks can contain magic. Crafters are therefore always looking for pieces of these rocks so that they can place magic in items more easily. Eldracyn, having sensed an opportunity to make money, are always trying to get into Dwarven territory to steal from these rocks. The dwarves, however, have made it their job to close down any passage that leads to the mountain range outside of the dwarven territory. There is only one entrance into the dwarven caves from the outside, as far as people know. Dwarves are ruled by their Houses, who each have an elder to rule, from those House Elders one is chosen to lead all the Dwarves.



Vampires are an ancient and cultured race that next to food need blood for sustenance. They are pale skinned and burn easily in the sun, only drinking blood will give some extra colour to their face. As they are a peace-loving people they have long since stopped just taking blood from people. They normally house farm animals such as pigs and use those for their blood needs. Only when they have a special relationship with someone will they take or exchange blood. They most often do this with High Elves with whom they have the best relationship because their genes make it impossible for them to be turned into a Vampire. Vampires also frequently have good relationships with humans, but they will not easily drink their blood or exchange with them, as it is highly likely that this will also turn them into Vampires. The older the Vampire the more blood they need to stay alive and well, so although they can get very old, they eventually stop drinking blood and let themselves die.

Vampires are a democratic people who are ruled by a council. Those who live with the High Elves, where they have their own district, usually have an extra separate council. However, the ultimate decision comes from the normal council who rule over all the Vampires.


Eldracyn used to be Vampires, but they had no troubles to completely drain a person of their blood in order to satiate their need for it. They have turned from their peaceable brethren and have taken to living in caves and listening to Nacena, the Goddess of Chaos. They have not found a way to live forever, and just like Vampires need blood the older they get. However, as the older Eldracyn usually lose their speed, strength, and agility, the younger Eldracyn do not allow them to get old. They are a more barbaric race and more than once it has happened that a younger Eldracyn drained his own elder of all their blood.


Fae have no known country as they do not like being pinned down. These creatures are known to only look out for themselves. They have a King and Queen, but they have not been sighted in living memory.


(This section is still liable to change when new information becomes available)

Hodite, God of the Land

Patron God of the Druids and farmers. Not one specific emblem, but leaves are typically used or sheaves of corn.

Nacena, Goddess of Chaos

Patron God of the Goblins and the Eldracyn. Her emblem is that of a tornado.

Vatbus, God of Time

Patron God of the Vampires. His emblem is an hourglass. 

Ruhther, God of Pleasure

Patron God of the Gnomes. Though he is most often depicted with a rose, he does not have one standard emblem, but flowers are common.

Utpine, Goddess of the stars

Patron Goddess of Magic and knowledge. Her emblem is a star.

Fiezmes, God of Medicine

Patron God of Healers. His emblem is a heart. 

Akione, God of Battle

Patron God of the Orcs and Fighters. His emblem is a sword. 

Fearless Company

Fearless Company

(This is the schematic set-up of the tents, The actual Fearless Company fortress is of course larger with extra housing in and around it’s walls, but as they are not play areas they are not placed.)

(More information to be added as the story grows)