For NaNoWriMo 2018 (for more information visit www.nanowrimo.org) I wanted to write a story about a LARP. A story in which LARPers could find recognition and which non-LARPers could read to gain information and hopefully understanding about this hobby that has popped up all over the world.

As I was writing it I heard from multiple sources that they were interested in reading it. Some even said that they would want to experience this LARP in real life. Though there are no current plans to make this LARP a reality, this website is the result of what people told me.

Some notes about this story. Though it is written in English, it takes place in the Netherlands and the customs that are displayed most likely come from Dutch LARP culture, or my own imagination. Dutch LARP finds it important to consequently stay in character and normally leans heavily on consensus rather than conflict. This can lead to people having debates in the game that take hours, a phenomenon which we have started to call ‘polderen’. Fights in Dutch LARP are not the same as boffer LARP fights. Though all LARPs have their own specific system, few or none of them use the coloured balls or sacks for spells and other effects common in boffer LARPs. Instead, people are expected to learn all of the effects and to roleplay what happens. Nor are Dutch LARP fights full contact, shield bashing is not allowed, and there are rules in place about where you are and are not allowed to hit. Places such as the head, breasts, and groin area are always off limits. Accidents can of course happen, but when reports come in that people continuously play unsafe (hit too hard, hit in the wrong places) they can be asked to leave the event after several warnings have been issued. First aid has to be available in some form at all events, mandated by the law. There is also always someone available that people can talk to for complaints with other people or the board that they cannot resolve themselves. Though it is not strange for other European countries, LARP here is more physical. People are allowed to pull each other along and such. For some reason that is as yet unknown to me, people in Dutch LARP seem to have a problem with authority. As such playing aristocratic people can be very difficult as every farmer boy can and will defy them and tell them that they are wrong.

Fearless Company:

Kevin has heard so many stories about LARP from his friend Lisa that when she tells him about a new LARP that is starting up soon he agrees to attend it with her. The story follows Kevin as he explores the LARP Fearless Company with his very first character Aldren Smith.

The main story takes place during the events of Fearless Company. Special interludes will be released in which other aspects of LARP can be seen.

Lore & System

I got the idea for the story in September 2018. November 2018 I started writing the actual story (as per NaNoWriMo rules). This gave me roughly one month to build the LARP system (rules, skills and spells) and one month to build characters and figure out the plot. I have put all of the background information that any new player could access on this website (so, Lore, Skills and Spells). Unfortunately, because I had only one month to build the LARP (instead of the usual years) I built it using LARPs whose systems I agreed with and fit with the genre of the LARP (high fantasy). Right now I do not have the time to completely re-work the system and get them more balanced. Like any LARP the first few events will be used to test the system and see where it needs tweaking. Any change to the system will also occur in the story, just as it would with any LARP.

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